Ed Herr, Carol Black, Kita Williams

Ed Herr, President of Herr Foods presents check to the Lincoln University, PA Chester County Alumni Association, Carol Black, President LUCCAA, M. Kita Williams

CIVILRIGHTSAGENDA.COM evolved from the public relations platform  THEFFECTMedia.com, as a vessel for everyone to advocate for good causes and positive social change.  Also, CIVILRIGHTSAGENDA.COM serves as a beacon for breaking news in the U.S. and around the world via feeds from sources such as MSNBC and CNN.   Everyone is welcome to post their opinions, cause(s), news, and updates.

The founder of CIVILRIGHTSAGENDA.COM  is M. Kita Williams.  Born M. Kita Black, Williams is from Philadelphia, PA and graduated from Parkway High School.  Williams then attended Fisk University in Nashville, TN, majoring in Political Science.

“At that time, the only prosperous careers that I knew of were practiced by doctors and lawyers,”  smiled Williams.  Both of Williams’ parents were attorneys for over 20 years with a private practice in Philadelphia.

“As I experienced the incredible collegiate camaraderie at Fisk, my classmates and I traveled to various cities across the country.

It was love at first sight when I saw the City of Atlanta.  Early in my academic career, I moved to Atlanta to soak in the progressive spirit of the City.”
Rafiq Al-Shabiazz (brother, William R. Adams, Jr. (father) Carol Black-Adams (mother) and Kita

Rafiq Al-Shabiazz (brother, William R. Adams, Jr. (father) Carol Black-Adams (mother) and Kita

It was there Williams began her professional career.  Williams’ first employer in 1991 was Terry Enterprises, Inc., owned by the late Hosea Williams II and his mother, the late Juanita  Williams.
This experience would forever change her life.  During her employ, she was introduced to the late  Rev. Hosea Williams, Sr., the renowned Civil Rights leader who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., SCLC, SNCC and other organizations. Rev. Williams shared first hand accounts of protests, marches, violence, and change that not only he endured and witnessed, but also of the scores of unsung heroes which brought change to reality.
U.S. Congressman, John Lewis, Kita - Selma, AL 2009

U.S. Congressman, John Lewis, Kita – Selma, AL           March, 2009

Comedian Dave Chappelle with his Mom, Kita Williams - Camden, NJ September, 2013

Comedian Dave Chappelle with his Mom, and Kita Williams – Camden, NJ September, 2013

Kita with Veronica Griffin, CBS Atlanta - May, 2013

Kita with Veronica Griffin, CBS Atlanta during  Morehouse College Commencement featuring President Obama   May, 2013


Rev. Williams wed his son Torrey and Kita at the King Center in Atlanta, GA, standing before the “Eternal Flame of Justice” in 1999.  It was here that Rev.Williams bestowed Kita with the bronzed medallion of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, worn today by many who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, as well as those who pursue civil and human rights today.

Rev. Williams’ legacy, the “Hosea Feed the Hungry” non-profit organization, is celebrating over 40 years of devotion to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and assisting the needy.

The employer which would impact Williams’ career the following decade was the internationally acclaimed architectural and real estate development firm, Portman Holdings, LP, founded by the legendary John Portman, Sr.  There, she supported the CFO and VP of Development during various incredible projects, including the Charlotte, NC Convention Center and Hotel.  In 2000, Williams began her own real estate career, becoming a Broker in 2005.  From 2008 to 2010, Williams served as Executive Assistant to Pam Smith, President of the award-winning commercial real estate firm Smith Real Estate Services of Atlanta, Georgia.  Smith Real Estate Services is the leading minority-owned firm specializing in complex real estate developments serving the federal, state, municipal and private sectors in Georgia and across the United States.

In 2010, Kita returned to her Pennsylvania roots and served as the Business Development Facilitator for Oxford Mainstreet, Inc., the first African-American to do so.  “As our lives move on, Torrey and I remain the best of friends.  After nearly 25-years, we’re like brother and sister,” said Kita.

Williams quickly became the “Face of Oxford, PA,” notes one business leader in the Oxford area.  He continues, “So many of our storefronts were vacant and the economy was in a mess. Kita’s ability to work with people on all levels, including government officials and potential business owners, reduced our downtown commercial vacancy rate from 25% in 2010 to 8% in 2012.”

The Fall of 2012 marked a new chapter in Williams’ path of advocacy and public relations.  She picked up where she left off academically at Fisk University, and enrolled full-time at Lincoln University.  Kita majored in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Psychology, and graduated in 2015.

Lincoln University by far offers the most impressive curriculum, technology, and faculty in the arena of journalism.  I chose to return to school for three reasons:

1.  To finish what I started.  It’s NEVER TOO LATE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

If I can do it after 20 years, you can too!  Regardless of one’s age or stage in life, if you want to pursue your college degree, by all means…do it!  If you would like to talk to me about my experience re-entering college, just send me an email.

2.  To advance a now three-generation family legacy of Lincoln University graduates.

3.  To broaden my abilities to promote and advocate for human rights, as my work evolves to national issues.”

If you would like to reach Kita to assist your non-profit or for-profit organization, inbox her at kw@civilrightsagenda.com to discuss your goals.

Thanks again for visiting and promote your views, news, and causes at CIVILRIGHTSAGENDA.COM

M. Kita Williams

M. Kita Williams


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