By Kita Williams

Camden, NJ – America now knows, if they didn’t know before, that Dave Chappelle is back and not to be disrespected if you want him to stay around.

A towering silhouette of the tall, lean, and trademarked bald Chappelle appeared on the stage of the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ last night.

Every member of the audience stood to their feet, some jumping up and down, many screaming at the top of their lungs.  The thunderous applause of the crowd rivaled that of a categorical storm.

When the curtain rose, Chappelle stood wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, microphone in hand, and his familiar facial expression of coolness.

The crowd would not return to their seats until Chappelle exchanged a minute or two of greetings.  When he began, about 100 screaming, “I love you, Dave’s!”, continued from the audience.

Chappelle started the show with a humorous reflection on his recent experience in Hartford, CT, which included his perspective of the crowd and the Mayor of Hartford.

Chappelle said to the Camden audience, “If you came to see some kind of melt-down … you will be disappointed.”  The crowd again responded with a ground shaking applause.

From Chappelle’s account of the recent show in Hartford, CT, it became apparent that there was no “melt-down”, which the media took-off and ran with.

Instead, between the laughs and the lines, Chappelle demonstrated that he “stood-up” when he walked off the stage in Hartford after nothing was done to control a large group of hecklers, many of whom were intoxicated, from disrupting Chappelle’s show.

For over an hour, Chappelle delivered one of the strongest and most brilliant stand-up performances of his career.

Chappelle talked about a conversation he had years ago with a then, Presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Chappelle also shed light on his family lineage, home life with his wife and children, and gave a hilarious account of his favorite rap artist and special juice.

Only Chappelle can explain what that special juice is.

The show is a must-see for not only Dave Chappelle fans, but enthusiasts and students of comedic art.

Chappelle proved last night that he is at the top of his game.

For tour dates and tickets, visit  The Funny or Die Oddball Festival at http://www.oddballfest.com/talent/.

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